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Why does leadership matter?

Leadership is such an overused word. Yet we cannot avoid it and we shouldn`t. But we need to understand it first. Maybe If we see it in a differen light it might help. Leadership is not some glorious badge we put on our chests but the fuel that brings life inside an organization.

Everything is simply moving too fast nowadays to do things the old way. By micro-management. Micro-management is dead. It should have never been alive but now it is dead and buried. And this is where leadership comes in. Because it is the fuel that brings life in people too. You need a team that is autonomous and intrapreneurial in order to succeed today.

People who know are driven and know themselves.

customised leadership development

OK, but why a leadership consultancy?

Consultancy is the honest way to approach a complex task such as talent and leadership development. A classical „better communication” training is not an answer when you do not know what your challenge is and you have a highly evolved audience. And, when it comes to leadership & development, we do not have recipes.

We know leading through conversation is key but that`s it. Everything else is open for debate. We approach each client and each group of people with a flexible mindset and build customised leadership development programs which fit them best. We don`t serve you chicken when you`re hungry. We first find out what your body needs.

customised leadership development

So, why Let’s Talk?

We have the knowledge and skills to change your organization. Through strategy execution, leadership development or executive coaching, we build true, long-term leadership development. Our work process is natural and friendly but results-driven.

We help CEOs, management teams and passionate professionals to unlock their potential in order to accelerate performance, master change. We have developed customised leadership development and talent programs at an international level for companies like Vodafone, Adobe or PwC, so we understand global business challenges. We develop leaders with the thinking, feeling and intuitive skills needed to succeed in volatile, uncertain, complex and abigous environments. Our programs consist of 85% reflection time, during which participants apply what they have learned. This approach is meant to generate long-term, profound changes in participants.

customised leadership development

Working with top companies

We are proud to be working with some of the world`s most innovative, visionary companies in helping them go even further. Some of them have honored us with their trust and some of them have even allowed us to showcase the customised leadership development programs they have implemented with Let`s – Talk. 

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If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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