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Let`s — Talk helps professionals become better leaders
through the power of meaningful conversations.

leadership development


Performance consulting

Doing eats talking for breakfast

But talking the right way gets people doing the right things. At Let`s — Talk we believe that is the key to turning strategy into execution. We know performance management is undergoing a revolution and we think this is good. But it needs to be taken with a grain of salt or, even better, a grain of balance.

We’ve managed and experimented with both classic, rating-based performance management processes and modern approaches, with no ranking or performance distribution. We mix proven, research-based methodologies, programs and tools with experimental, human-centered approaches in order to help you deliver performance management that makes a difference, across your whole company system.

Leadership development

Leading is a mindset, not a skill

In today`s fast paced, continously changing environment, authentic leadership is crucial for a company`s success. That is why everybody is talking about leadership development nowadays. But how many of the talkers are doers?

We believe being able to handle difficult conversations is the trademark of a succesful leader in a world full of noise. Let`s — Talk aims to unlock human potential through the power of meaningful conversations. We know leaders who talk more, better and deeper to their teams are the ones who get things going when the going gets tough. This is why we treat leadership as a mindset and help you make it part of your everyday thinking and behavior.

Team &
Exec Coaching

Who watches the watchmen?

The same could go for „who coaches the coaches?” because even leaders need guidance. We offer mentorship and support for leaders to develop new skills and facilitate their transitions into new, more complex roles.

We design and develop customised coaching and leadership development programs for senior executives, managers, team leaders and teams. After getting to know the participants, we use the proper tools to diagnose their challenges and then employ the methodologies that best fit their situation. All the tools we used are based on heavy scientific research into how the human brain works and how it makes us feel, understand, make connections and choices.

Some of the tools we use

Over 1.500 professionals have benefited from our leadership development programs. They all share the common belief that being able to have difficult conversation is the key to efficient leadership but they are built on the structure of tried and tested methodologies and tools.

Evolutionary Leadership

The Barrett Values leadership tools are absolutely amazing. After trying countless frameworks and tools along the years we have discovered that the evolutionary approach to leadership is totally revolutionary. The Leadership Value Assessment, the Leadership Development Report, the Leadership Individual and Team Values Assessment are all available at Let`s — Talk. The benefits are solid, as they reduce personal entropy (conscious and sub-conscious fear-based behaviors) and increase emotional and social intelligence.

Evolutionary Coaching - ICF accredited

Evolutionary Coaching is a highly innovative, fresh approach to leadership coaching. Setting each individual in a natural journey of psychological development from birth to old age, Evolutionary Coaching allows you to know yourself in a truly relevant way. By finding out what is your most pressing current evolutionary need, what unmet needs you have and are holding you back and the degree to which the culture you are embedded supports or hinders your personal evolution. Let`s — Talk is a pioneer in Romania to hold a Barrett Values Centre Evolutionary Coaching certificate.

Transformational Coaching - ICF accredited

„One cannot instil change If one has not undergone change themselves” is the central belief of transformational coaching or, simply put, the art of changing people. Revolving around three key pillars – mind, heart and spirit – transformational coaching brings together a unique blend of concepts from neuroscience, psychology and transpersonal coaching to offer participants a comprehensive view of what coaching can be. And what is a great leader If not a great coach for his team?

Group Styles Inventory

Developed by Human Synergistics, the GSI tool analyses the interaction style in a team to develop efficient synergy in problem solving, aiming to make the sum greater than the parts. The GSI canvas illustrates the perceptions of individuals in the team and the collective perception of the team as a group. It finds a certain problem-solving group style out of 12 possible styles, grouped in three distinct categories: constructive, passive/defensive or agressive/defensive.

Life Styles Inventory

GSI`s sister is the Life Styles Inventory. Just like the name says, it is a tool which helps you more or less assess your lifestyle in relation with your goals and how efficient you are in achieving them. It takes into account factors like interpersonal relationships quality, openness to feedback, stress, salary and organisational levels to paint a picture of your individual thinking and behaviour in relationship with yourself and those around you.

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