Let`s – Talk Leadership is the first podcast in Romania to explore what leadership is and how it works in all aspects of life. The conversation – in our view – is the most important tool a leader has. So, we welcome you to listen to the first episode – Values-Based Leadership, alongside our host and founder of Let’s — Talk, Laurențiu Horubeț and his guest, Iulia Pielmuș, experienced business leader in Romania.

In our conversation about Values-Based Leadership, we discuss themes such as:

  • what is leadership and what makes a leader
  • what is the importance of values in a leader’s life
  • what happens when leaders don’t operate from their values
  • advice for leaders who desire to accelerate their leadership


If values are something you would like to explore more, or you believe they are crucial to all aspects of life, we recommend you read our article on Values: What they are and why they matter. You’ll have a deeper understanding of values in general and you’ll also have the opportunity to take a values assessment and see how your own values influence your life.

And if you enjoy conversations, here’s our view on why Leadership Is a Conversation.

The Values-Based Leadership podcast was recorded and edited with the support of Robin And The Backstabbers.

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Laurentiu Horubet

Founder & Consultant @ Let's — Talk | Leadership Consultancy