Let`s – Talk Leadership is the first podcast in Romania to explore what leadership is and how it works in all aspects of life. The conversation – in our view – is the most important tool a leader has and, this time, the conversation is about talent management. This remains a tricky and messy theme for Romanian leadership within organisations and you can expect us to keep circling back to it in our articles, videos or podcasts.

What we’ve seen a lot happening in Romanian organisations (and not only), is a confusion between managing talent and developing leaders. They are not, in our view the same, nor are they similar. Talent Management is, at its core, about assuring the leadership future of an organisation, from a strictly functional perspective. And we see much time and energy spent on the development of leadership abilities, when they should be focused on functional development, so that when whoever is up on the succession list, they have robust functional development and experiences within the organisation, not just a vertical promotion path. When we say functional development, we mean exposure to key projects (related to the core business), networking with current leadership, lateral movements/rotations, functional education (technical competency building).

Doru Luchian – Head of People Development at eMAG has engaged with us in the talent management conversation and has offered his view on how it should/should not happen. Among the conversation topics, you’ll hear:

  • What talent management is and what it isn’t.
  • Potential. What are we talking about?
  • Potential indicators: Why have them, how to define them and how do we asses/measure them?
  • The conversation on potential between managers and employees.
  • Talent Management on little to no budget.

If you enjoy conversations, here’s our view on why Leadership Is a Conversation.

The Let’s – Talk Leadership Podcast is recorded and edited with the support of Robin And The Backstabbers.

Laurentiu Horubet

Founder & Consultant @ Let's — Talk | Leadership Consultancy