There is a special type of employees who are able to generate and sustain revolutions for your company. Once engaged, these are the employees you have been looking for all along to grow your business. They are relentless, positive builders, with a strong appetite to make a difference, being so open-minded that they understand the hurdles along the way and know how to tackle them. This third and final type of mind, studied by Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow – professors at Harvard, is the self-transforming mind. The type of mind which offers the most potential, when compared to the  socialised mind and the self-authoring mind.

Employees with a self-transforming mind are the ones who change your business

The self-transforming mind is an interdependent mind which loves to connect to other minds. It responds to a situation or request by seeking to further its agenda, but unlike the self-authoring mind, it is not a prisoner of its own beliefs or position. It is open to the ideas of others and if they make sense it can readily integrate them into a more inclusive worldview. Because it sees the big picture and knows what it takes to build something lasting and truly outstanding. Let`s observe the figure bellow to better understand what motivates people who operate with a self-transforming mind. It`s our best chance to build a succesful organisation.

self-transforming mind

People with self-transforming minds tend to think of their work as a mission or a purpose. Let`s say they are the potential Elon Musks of this world. They are highly motivated by having the opportunities to satisfy their second order growth needs: making a difference in their world and leaving a legacy by serving humanity or the planet. These people are quite rare and they experience the highest levels of engagement and are prepared to put up with bureaucracy, ignoring internal politicking and running the long run. They permanently follow the opportunity to experience a sense of fulfilment by changing the world and they can bring clarity to complexity, being at ease with uncertainty.

Employees with self-transforming minds are ideal in a dynamic, volatile environment

They tend to see change as part of life and do not fight it. They use a bigger lens to see things and are able to understand how the changes they are experiencing allow them to further their life`s mission or purpose. As long as their basic needs and first-order growth needs have been met, people with self-transforming minds are completely driven on making a difference and a service to humanity. They are most likely found in organisations that employ highly qualified professionals and advisors in work that impacts the way in which organisations and societies operate, especially in international relations, NGOs or consultancy firms. If they meet a leader who engages them with a powerful vision to which they can adhere, these rare and valuable employees can help transform your organization.

If you have encountered people with self-transforming minds please share your experience in the comments section. With this piece we`re wrapping up our detailed foray into the three types of evolutionary minds and we`re moving on further in order to better understand what their role in employee engagement with our next article. So remember to subscribe to our newsletter.

Photo by Stuart Vivier on Unsplash

Laurentiu Horubet

Founder & Consultant @ Let's — Talk | Leadership Consultancy