Leadership Development

We believe being able to handle difficult conversations is the trademark of a succesful leader in a world full of noise. Let`s — Talk aims to unlock human potential through the power of meaningful conversations. We know leaders who talk more, better and deeper to their teams are the ones who get things going when the going gets tough. This is why we treat leadership as a mindset and help you make it part of your everyday thinking and behavior.


Transformational Leadership Programs

New Managers

In a modular experiential program, we help new managers in their transition to their new role, creating the opportunity to adopt a new thinking paradigm, learn new behaviour & functional routines and apply them in their day-to-day work.

The learning experience contains live in-class sessions, work assignments, readings and dedicated online forum.

We’ve designed the entire experience on 5 key pillars:

  • Personal Mastery
  • Leadership Mindset
  • Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Excellence in Execution
  • Systemic Thinking

Senior Managers

In our program for senior managers, we encourage them to adopt a new leadership paradigm, based on vision guided, values-driven leadership, supported and accelerated by the ability to have meaningful conversations.

When you’re a manager of managers, or have strong professionals in your team, your personal values, clarity of purpose and ability to be a coach become critical to your team’s evolution.

The program focuses on:

  • Evolutionary Leadership® styles
  • Difficult Conversations Skills
  • Coaching for Performance


The higher one goes up the corporate ladder, the lonelier one gets and leaders know this intimately. They are in a constant exercise of power, influence and key decision making, which, if not managed properly, can take a serious toll.

We aim to support leaders with a program that focuses on:

  • Resonant vs. dissonant leadership
  • Resilience against the power stress syndrome
  • Managing derailment in self and others
  • Making the shift from compliance to commitment in others
  • Conversations that inspire

Executive Coaching

Our coaching mission is to create a space for our clients in which they can access untapped sources of strength within them, in order to better connect with who they are, embrace their values and create purpose and significance in what they do.

We create this space with honesty, kindness and perspective, for our clients to reflect on their inner workings (attitudes, mindset, belief system) in a way that feels safe, non-judgemental and encouraging. It is our strong belief that, in this way, they can access strengths within them they never knew they had and build sustainable resilience beyond the coaching relationship.

Coaching philosophies we use:

Evolutionary Coaching - ICF accredited

Evolutionary Coaching is a highly innovative, fresh approach to leadership coaching. Setting each individual in a natural journey of psychological development from birth to old age, Evolutionary Coaching allows you to know yourself in a truly relevant way. By finding out what is your most pressing current evolutionary need, what unmet needs you have and are holding you back and the degree to which the culture you are embedded supports or hinders your personal evolution. Let`s — Talk is a pioneer in Romania to hold a Barrett Values Centre Evolutionary Coaching certificate.

Transformational Coaching - ICF accredited

„One cannot instil change If one has not undergone change themselves” is the central belief of transformational coaching or, simply put, the art of changing people. Revolving around three key pillars – mind, heart and spirit – transformational coaching brings together a unique blend of concepts from neuroscience, psychology and transpersonal coaching to offer participants a comprehensive view of what coaching can be. And what is a great leader If not a great coach for his team?

360 Values-Based Leadership Development Report (LDR)

Organisational transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders. If the leaders don’t change, the culture won’t change. Therefore, to grow and develop your culture, you need to grow and develop leaders.

The LDR is a powerful coaching tool for promoting self-awareness, personal transformation and an understanding of the actions a leader needs to take to realise his or her full potential. The LDR compares a leader’s perception of his or her operating style with the perception of their superiors, peers and subordinates. Assessors also get the opportunity to indicate how they believe the leader needs to change to help them become the best leader they can be. Emphasis is placed on a leader’s strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities for growth.

Insights from an LDR

Authenticity & Effectiveness

In one simple picture, see how a leader believes they show up and how others experience them. The LDR also shows what assessors believe will help the leader improve his/her performance.

Leadership Awareness

See how a leader’s values map against the Seven Levels of Leadership Consciousness and in which areas they are experiencing difficulties.

Strengths, Areas for Development & Opportunities for Growth

Shows how the leader’s leadership style is perceived by others and compares this to the leader’s own view. Identifies the leader’s areas to focus on and provides ratings against 26 different leadership behaviours.

High Performing Leadership Group (Optional)

Presents a collective view of the results of individual LDR’s, to provide an overview of the group – how they believe they act and how they come across to others.

Multiple Perspectives on Leadership (Optional)

Recognise the patterns and differences in how a leader interacts with others, e.g. Boss, Peers, Team Members.

The LDR shows leaders how their leadership style is perceived by their assessors and allows them to compare this to their own view of how they lead others. In addition, assessors will identify the 10 values/ behaviours which they believe will help the leader to develop. The report also identifies 26 areas, mapped to the Seven Levels of Leadership Consciousness Model, against which both leaders and their assessors have clarified to what extent they believe the area to be a strength, an area for development or not relevant in their current role. This data helps leaders and their coaches put together an action plan to support them in their continuing development. 

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