full spectrum leadership

Full Spectrum Leadership

Full Spectrum Leadership was introduced by Richard Barrett in his book The New Leadership Paradigm and researched and embedded into full-scale leadership development programs by the Barrett Values Centre. Full Spectrum Leadership is about mastering and displaying the attributes of the seven levels of organisational consciousness:

  1. Survival Level: mastering survival consciousness by focusing on financial stability and employee health and safety (both physical and psychological).
  2. Relationship Level: mastering relationship consciousness by focusing on open communication, employee recognition, and customer satisfaction.
  3. Self-Esteem Level: mastering self‐esteem consciousness by focusing on performance, results, quality, excellence, and best practices.
  4. Transformation Level: mastering transformation consciousness by focusing on adaptability, innovation, employee empowerment, employee participation, and continuous learning.
  5. Internal Cohesion Level: mastering internal cohesion consciousness by developing a culture based on a shared vision and shared values that engender an organisation‐wide climate of trust.
  6. Making a Difference Level: mastering making a difference consciousness by building strategic alliances with like‐minded partners, developing mentoring, coaching and leadership development programs for their managers and leaders, and embracing environmental stewardship.
  7. Service Level: mastering service consciousness by focusing on social responsibility, ethics, global thinking, and keeping a long‐term perspective on their business and its impact on future generations.

Each level of consciousness has a corresponding leadership style and each leadership style is governed by certain primary motivations. Primary motivations are the immediate and conscious focus of the leader, which will critically determine where his/her energy will be focused. Here’s a visual representation:

full spectrum leadership

The most successful leaders are those who have learned to master all levels of consciousness. They create a climate of trust, have the ability to manage complexity, and can respond or rapidly adapt to all situations, all the while keeping a strong and sustainable vision of the future. People that work with full spectrum leaders operate with honesty and integrity, because they are encouraged to do so. The leaders act as role-models and they set up systems and processes that encourage ethical behavior, collaboration and effort towards common good.

Let`s — Talk is a pioneer in Romania to hold a Barrett Values Centre certification and we invite you to take the self-assessment to evaluate your own leadership and see how it aligns with the seven levels of leadership consciousness: 

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