Welcome to your Full Spectrum Leadership Assessment

If you haven’t done so, we strongly encourage you to carefully read our brief on Full Spectrum Leadership, so that you can better understand what leadership attributes will be assessed and what implications the results might have on your leadership approach.

Assessment Rules:

  • Choose one answer to each statement that you believe reflects reality, not desirable answers, so that the result is truly relevant for you.
  • All statements are mandatory.
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Level 7

You actively promote ethical standards throughout your organisation.
You actively promote social responsibility throughout your organisation.
You are concerned about global issues and future generations.
You feel at ease with uncertainty.
You could describe yourself as compassionate, forgiving and you display humility.

Level 6

You build mutually beneficial partnerships and strategic alliances across boundaries.
You actively mentor and coach subordinates.
You are active in the local community, creating relationships that promote goodwill.
You promote environmental awareness and stewardship.
Others see you as empathetic, intuitive and inclusive.

Level 5

You develop and consistently communicate the company’s vision and mission.
You develop and consistently communicate the company’s espoused values.
You are a living example of values-based leadership. You walk the talk.
You build an environment of trust among direct reports that brings out the best in people.
You are creative, passionate, committed and generous.

Level 4

You seek advice, build consensus and create a positive spirit.
You are very focused on continuous learning, continuous renewal and innovation.
You are actively engaged in your own personal development and you support the personal development of direct reports/colleagues.
You empower people to make decisions and resist the temptation to micro manage the work of others.
You are adaptable, courageous and enjoy challenges.

Level 3

You use metrics in some form of balanced scorecard to measure and manage performance.
You display strong analytical skills in evaluating systems and processes.
You consistently evaluate risks before embarking on new ventures.
You think strategically and move quickly to capitalize on opportunities.
You promote order, efficiency, productivity, quality and excellence.

Level 2

You regularly communicate both good news and bad news with all staff.
You resolve conflicts with others and among direct reports quickly before relationships sour.
You are actively involved with customers and give priority to customer satisfaction.
You regularly acknowledge and praise direct reports and staff for a job well done.
You are easily accessible to direct reports and all key staff.

Level 1

You are calm in the midst of chaos and decisive in the midst of danger.
You maintain long-term perspective while dealing with short-term issues and goals.
You create, manage and control budgets effectively.
You are appropriately cautious in complex situations.
You constantly seek to improve the health and safety of staff.

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