Did you know that the word decide comes from the latin decidere, which literally means to cut off? How many of your decisions are about reducing, rather than adding? We are the editors of our own realities, but how much do you really act as an editor? Because, if you think about books, editing is all about deciding to reduce and eliminate all those aspects that may confuse the reader. If someone were the reader of your life, how confused would he be? Are you a good editor of your life?

In his book – Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, Greg Mckeown invites us to have a conversation with our selves about how much YES do we say, how much HELL YES! and how much NO. Here’s a breakdown of what Greg sees as the difference between leading a non-essential and an essential life:

What we think

The Non-Essentialist: Everything for everyone | “I have to”, “Everything is important”, “How can I make everything work?”

The Essentialist: Less, but better | “I choose to”, “Only a few things really matter”, “What are the compromises?”

What we do

The Non-Essentialist: The undisciplined pursuit of more | Reacts to all that is most pressing. Says YES without thinking seriously. Tries to force execution close to the deadline.

The Essentialist: The disciplined pursuit of less | Stops and thinks about what truly matters. Says NO to everything non-essential. .Eliminates obstacles to ease execution.

What we get

The Non-Essentialist: Leads an unfulfilling life | Takes on to much and the quality of work diminishes. Has little control over anything. Isn’t sure that what is really important has been done. Feels overwhelmed and exhausted.

The Essentialist: A life that really matters | Chooses carefully, to focus on quality. Feels in control. Accomplishes what matters. Feels happy and fulfilled.

Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less is about getting to a place where you either say “Hell YES!” or “NO”, meaning that you decide to assume control of your life and what matters to you and focus on that. The book can be found on all major reading apps and in major libraries. Hoping that we go you thinking a bit about how you decide to live your life, here’s Greg in a conversation about how success is the catalyst of failure, as it leads to the undisciplined pursuit of more:

Laurentiu Horubet

Founder & Consultant @ Let's — Talk | Leadership Consultancy