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Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT)

Full Practitioner Certification Program

Registration for the program is now closed.

Let’s — Talk is honoured to bring in Romania the first Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT) Full Practitioner Certification Program, created by the Barret Values Centre. The Cultural Transformation Tools are used world-wide by corporations, NGOs, government, municipal agencies, communities, schools and nations. By bringing them in Romania, we hope to establish a local CTT community to accelerate the quality of conversations within Romanian organisations.

The uniqueness of the Cultural Transformation Tools is that they make the invisible, visible. They allow you to measure and map the intangibles—the underlying causal factors that promote or inhibit performance. This is because CTT’s focus on values—the motivators that reflect our needs.

The transformational strength of CTT lies in their ability to surface data which engenders new conversations: conversations that have never happened before. They get people talking about what is fundamentally important to them — their values, their beliefs and their fears.

Here is a sample Cultural Values Assessment (CVA), one of the CTT you will be certified to use: Click here.

As a leader, coach, consultant or internal change agent, you will have the opportunity to become skilled in using all the Cultural Transformation Tools. This accreditation training is designed to make participants conscious, confident and competent about the Cultural Transformation Tools and to explore practical applications for working with the results of the values assessments.

The entire program is designed to give you a deep understanding of the CTT Models and Tools, as well as practical experience on how to apply CTT in your cultural transformation process. The course also provides an opportunity for your own personal transformation – a personal in-depth experience of the transformation you want to realise in your personal and professional life.

You will also join our community of over 3500 CTT consultants, from 70 countries. 

The CTT provide the detailed cultural diagnostics you need to plan, shape and manage your: change initiatives, leadership development strategies, cultural transformation programmes, merger compatibility, diversity interventions, talent management, or customer feedback.


  • Provide leaders with a way of managing the cultural evolution of their organisation as they would manage their finances.
  • The results can generate deep meaningful conversations about the purpose and strategy of the organisation and the well-being of all stakeholders.
  • Provide a road map for achieving high performance, resilience, and long-term sustainability.


  • Individuals, Teams, and Organisations – CTT can be used for individual coaching, leadership development, organisational or team transformation, and whole system change.
  • Short Survey – The assessment instruments are available on-line and require only 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • Customisable – The assessment instruments can be customised to the specific cultural and demographic needs of the groups being surveyed.
  • Demographics – The richness of the survey data is determined by the depth of demographic categories chosen. There is no limit to the number of demographic categories you can choose.
  • Affordable – The tools are affordable for both small and large organisations. Costs are based on the number of reports requested, not the number of survey participants. Reduced fees are available for primary and secondary educational institutions.
  • Fast Turnaround – A Cultural Values Assessment typically goes from survey initiation to reporting in two to four weeks.

ICELAND – National Values Assessment indicated critical issues one month prior to 2008 crash

CANADA – Royal Roads University offers a graduate certificate in values-based leadership.

UNITED STATES – TMSi integrates values from the boardroom to the factory flow

UK – Richard Barrett (founder and chairman of the Barrett Values Centre) presents at Oxford Business School

BRAZIL – Unilever Brazil revenues rise with culture management

SOUTH AFRICA – Nedbank has measured and managed organisational culture annually since 2005

SWEEDEN – Volvo IT trained 500 Cultural Ambassadors as part of their global culture plan

CHINA – China Mobile: our largest Values Assessment to-date with 86,000 participants

BUTHAN – Bhutan has the least amount of entropy (perceived dysfunction) in a National Values Assessment

AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEELAND – Joint study with Hewitt links culture to financial performance

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Emirates Institute for Advanced Science & Technology measures their organizational values

1000 +
Organisations have used CTT to map their values
1000 mil
Participants in the assessments
Certified CTT consultants around the world
Countries have Barrett Values Centre presence, through CTT

Patrik Somers Stephenson, author, values consultant, leadership coach and facilitator of personal, cultural and societal transformation, with 30 years of experience in the field of personal development, will be delivering the CTT certification program.

In July 2017, Patrik took the role of Head of Education and Training in the Barrett Values Centre Academy for the Advancement of Human Values. 

Patrik is creator and facilitator of the Barrett Values Centre accredited personal mastery class, Evolutionary Coaching. As a highly experienced coach, facilitator & values consultant, he brings his depth of experience in the field of education to his work as a CTT Practitioner Consultant, CTT Foundation & Practitioner Trainer, Evolutionary Coaching Facilitator, Neurocognitivism Coach, Lego Serious Play Facilitator and Non-Violent Communication Counsellor.


The Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) are among the most detailed and comprehensive personal and cultural diagnostics commercially available to leaders, consultants, and coaches.

Course Dates: 13-16 March, 2018

Duration: 26 teaching hours in a four-day non-residential course from 9 to 5 (first day starting at 9.30AM and last day ending at 4.30PM)

Venue: The Mindlearners Coaching School – Domenii Square area, Bucharest

Seats: 2 seats left

Costs: €2,950 EUR  

Included: Tuition fee, venue, lunches and refreshments provided during the course, program workbook, 2 CTT assessments – Individual Values Assessments (IVA) and Leadership Development Report (LDR) – a copy of ‘The Values-Driven Organization’ by Richard Barrett and a lifelong CTT accreditation for all the values assessments.

Payment: 30% advance payment upon registration and 70% payment one week before the start day of the course.  

Enrolment: Closes 3 weeks before the course begins, to allow time for IVA & LDR and pre-course reading. Since this accreditation programme is  limited to 12 people, early registration is recommended. 

Early Bird Registration: The first six people who register for the CTT course get a 
free copy of Richard Barrett’s book ‘What My Soul Told Me’. This book of practical wisdom and genuine depth can be an inspiring guide on your journey of personal transformation.

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cultural transformation tools
cultural transformation tools
cultural transformation tools

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