Full Spectrum Coaching

Coaching Certification Program

The mission of the Full Spectrum Coaching Program is to facilitate the development of outstanding coaches, equipped with the necessary mindset and skills to enable positive transformation and sustainable evolution in the organisations/communities they serve and individuals they work with.

Our philosophy centres around the strong belief that in order to channel transformation around them, one must experience transformation themselves. To this end, an essential part of the program is the personal transformation experience of our participants, in addition to training on their coaching skills, with full support, coaching and mentoring from our facilitators. With a blend of the ICF standards/academic rigor and the real-world challenges/demands of coaching, our curriculum stands on three key pillars: mind, heart and spirit. We bring together concepts from human development & evolution theories, neuroscience, psychology and coaching cross-methodologies to enable our participants’ profound understanding of the limitless potential of coaching.

Principal Facilitators & Mentors

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Guest Facilitators

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The only coaching certification program in Romania that guarantees coaching practice in multinational companies immediately after graduation.

Program Structure

There are 3 intensive modules in the program, two in Romania and one in France, taking place over a period of 6 months, with a learning framework consisting of live in-class sessions, expert coaching & mentoring, peer coaching & mentoring, group projects, individual coaching and reflection portfolios and written assignments, all impacting the final evaluation.

In module 1, participants will be introduced to the theory of evolution of consciousness, assess their levels of self-awareness and start exploring their beliefs/values system. We will provide participants the opportunity to examine their internal emotional dynamics and how it impacts the coaching experience. They will also have a deep understanding of the school methodology, ICF core competencies, ethics and standards, peer coaching/mentoring, study groups, coaching log, individual assignments and progress/graduation evaluation.

In module 2, participants will learn and understand major areas of psychology, how they differ from/influence coaching and they will learn to coach others based on psychometric tests. Participants will also be able to facilitate the personal development process of others and coach others on professional performance-related issues, by using specific coaching techniques. 

In module 3, participants understand critical concepts of neuroscience and mindfulness and how to leverage them in the coaching experience, using different coaching techniques that stimulate different areas of the brain, to maximize coaching outcomes. They will also understand the stages in human development, the transition process and career development as well as practice supporting another’s life decisions and transition.

The 2 days are about the final graduation assessment, which includes:

  • Live video-recorded coaching session, with ICF Competencies-based feedback
  • Final assessment on personal reflective portfolio and individual assignments

Why Choose Our Program

While we approach coaching with a transformational mindset, we are not bound by any particular coaching method. Each coachee is unique, which means their coaching goals are the same. We aim to prepare our participants to be ready and able to use a wide variety of coaching tools and methodologies, that they deem best fit for their clients’ needs and goals – life, work, transitions, performance etc.

Our principal program mentors and guest facilitators are not only highly trained and skilled ICF certified coaches, they also have strong business backgrounds, cumulating over 80 years of consulting, management and executive roles in companies like Vodafone, Adobe Systems, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, KPMG, Cargill, Yum! Brands and Boston Consulting Group, in over 20 countries. This will bring a whole new meaning to “mixing theory with practice”,

All modules take place in different and unique locations, each one chosen to best suit the module theme. Two modules happen in Romania’s mountain regions and one in Provence, France, where we will have senior executives from global market leaders as special guest facilitators.

As we fully and consistently support the ICF standards in coaching, we not only train participants to have a deep understanding and strong capability of the ICF core competencies, we also offer the opportunity to have at least 35 logged coaching hours, out of the 100 necessary for the ACC ICF credential, by the end of the program.

After program graduation, we offer the opportunity to our participants to deliver coaching sessions within multinational companies that have agreed to partner with us. This way, our participants can start practicing coaching and building their client network immediately after graduation.

Program Admission

Our participants will be senior professionals who have the necessary life experience and drive to go beyond their cultural norms, beliefs/values and integrate the new learnings and assume responsibility to become agents of positive transformation around them, wherever they may be. We will select those individuals who do not just want to do coaching, but who have a profound motivation to become compassionate, bold and purpose-driven coaches. As such, admission to the coaching certification program is subject to a detailed conversation with the principal program mentors, to establish the motivations and intentions of our potential participants to enrol on this fascinating and challenging learning journey, allowing us to ensure the right level of group diversity/balance and the right fit with our schools mission and values.

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